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The Buddy Study Hall is a virtual community and instructional study hall where students grades K-8th can receive educational guidance to excel in their school curriculum. We are committed to help students work through their classwork and explain puzzling problems in order to motivate them to target educational success.

The Buddy Study Hall also provides instructive and enjoyable virtual experiences beyond the students set curriculum. Allowing students to expand their focus and culture of learning through outside field trips without leaving their homes. 

Look no further, The Buddy Study Hall is a passionate platform students can utilize to bridge a path between themselves and their education. Whether facing difficulties understanding course work, needing help with projects, studying for exams or simply in need of a mentor. We will work with each student’s needs and structure a customizable program for various situations. 

The Buddy Study Hall takes pride in being diverse, cultured and socially motivating, and will not only work on the pursuit of academic progress, but enhance our youths biliteracy skills for their future. For more information and how we may be able to assist with this, please reach out through the contact us below.

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Henry Del Cid

Founder and Virtual Tutor

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15 Minute Consultation With Parents


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(Minimum of 2 Hours)


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“Henry continuously impressed me with his talent and passion for learning and teaching others. We led many great discussions in my theater history seminars in which he played an important part here at the Moscow Art Theater.”

Dr. Anatoly Smeliansky

Dean of the Moscow Art Theatre School

“Henry brings a passion with him to everything he does. He is an extremely hard worker and students look up to him as a role model. I know that Henry, through his Buddy Study Hall program, will provide high quality education that will leave an impact on his students.”
Stephen Leaver

Executive Director of Imagination Theater

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