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Growing up, the importance of school was instilled in me at a very young age. That’s where I learned to read, meet friends, was taught the English language and kept focus on school work in order to keep out of trouble. My family and I had many challenges in the area I grew up in, but being raised by a single mother, with a younger sister as well, I learned to grow up quickly and assist in any way, shape or form to help raise and be a role model to my little sister. School was always an adventure that could bring a different sense of family, community and regimen.

My mother always demanded a strong work ethic from me and taught me the understanding that compassion and courage is found in those who help others without being asked to help. We must always dare to put others’ struggles and insecurities at our for-front, so we can possibly begin to find how to value our own lives and be grateful for our own journey.


These characteristics stayed with me throughout my school career because of many educators in my life. And because of that those teachers have remained, still decades after being in their classrooms, such essential people in the construct of me as a man, in my life and in my professional career. To this day one of truly the best moments in my life was telling my mentors, my teachers and my family that I was accepted to a university on a scholarship and would be the first to graduate college in my immediate family. Their words, their guidance, their motivation and their resilient efforts in seeing me achieve my goals, now had paved a path for me to pay it forward.

I have worked with youth from ages K-8 for roughly over 15 years in many forms and capacities. I have held positions at UIC and at Northwestern University: Feinberg School of Medicine in aiding, mentoring and training current medical students in diversity, communication and interpersonal/social skills and behaviors.

I also held a position as a Guest Experience Facilitator, where I led educational, scientific and interactive presentations at the Museum of Science and Industry. I have been part of the Associate Board for the Union League Boys and Girls Clubs for over a decade now, where I brought leadership skills in involvement, philanthropy and mentoring. In addition I have been a teaching artist, head acting instructor (NIU Summer Intensive), and a summer camp supervisor, where I created, instructed and led classes in visual-arts curriculum.

I am currently a licensed substitute teacher in the State of Illinois, and tentatively in the state of Indiana. I am a husband, brother, and a Chicagoan for life. I believe in strong communication between parents and instructors and a strong belief in children’s creativity and challenging them to learn in ways they can enjoy and that enjoyment can lead them to explore their problem solving skills. I look forward to this next part of my teaching journey with all of you!

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